Newark BOE supports city efforts to ensure that all residents are counted in Census 2020

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In support of the City of Newark’s effort to ensure that everyone in every household is counted, Superintendent Roger León, of the Newark Board of Education designated Monday, April 27, 2020 as Census 2020 Day for all schools in the district.

“We have been emphasizing the message that everyone in the great city of Newark, must be counted”, said Superintendent León.  He added, “The consequences for an inaccurate count for our school district is detrimental and will be realized in a number of fiscal, programmatic and legislative shortfalls.  We cannot afford to let that happen.”

Members of the district’s parent engagement teams attended monthly training sessions on the importance of Census completion with Census Bureau staff from the tri-state area. Title I and many other federal programs use the Census number to distribute millions of dollars to school districts, multiple times in any given year. 

Census 2020 Day marks the culmination of activities spanning more than a year.  To reinforce the message, the Newark Board of Education has led a number of Census related activities

On Monday, Census 2020 Day, Social Studies teachers used their period with students to review the importance of completing the Census, discussed the benefits and reminded them that them that it only takes a few minutes complete.

During the month of May, the Board of Education will continue to strengthen the learning by including the Census in mathematics lessons, so that each week, students will study the Census through statistics.  

“I am proud of the work that is being done because statistics reveal that urban areas like ours are historically undercounted, which is why we must make every effort to see that everyone who should be counted is counted,” said Newark Board of Education President, Josephine Garcia. 

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