Black man in Roselle Park arrested for legally carrying a firearm

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Image by Jason Gillman from Pixabay 
Urban News Staff Reports

Reports indicate that Black man who works as a security guard was arrested by police in Roselle Park for having a firearm despite having a legal permit to carry a weapon.

Roosevelt Twyne, 25, was reportedly arrested by the white officers from the Roselle Park Police Department in February during a traffic stop. Officers found a gun in the vehicle and Twyne's attorney, Evan Nappen, says Twyne was arrested and charged illegally carrying a firearm despite having a permit. The hollow point ammunition is what police say led to the arrest.

"Honestly, it's been traumatic and has impacted my life in a way that I've never experienced before," Twyne said in a published statement. "It's hard because now even looking for a part time job or any job, it's made it so much harder for me. Not only has it tainted my name and reputation, which I have worked hard to attain, not just growing up in Elizabeth, but as a black man trying to make a difference."

Twyne hasn't reportedly been able to work for a month his attorney said the arrest took place a block from Twyne's home. Officer's reviewed his gun permit but still arrested him. Twyne is due in court on April 2.

"This is a good guy. Licensed. He just showed you everything. He's not a danger to anybody. He's a good guy on our side," Nappen said. "On the side of law and order. Why is he then subjected to the next phase with both the charges that are baseless?"

The Roselle Police Department have not yet responded about Twyne's arrest.

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