Biden's senior advisor Symone Sanders tackles protester

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Symone Sanders (LinkedIn)
By Glenn Townes

In an incident that was perhaps reminiscent of an episode of the 1970's police crime drama show Get Christie Love starring late African American actress Teresa Graves—Symone Sanders, national press secretary for Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden—wrestled and snatched a female protester off the stage during a campaign rally and speech by the former vice president on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles. The swift action by Sanders followed a brief tussle with the protester by Jill Biden. The two protesters were from a little known group of anti diary industry activists called, Let Dairy Die.

In widely viewed videos and photographs, about five minutes into Bidens speech, two female protesters are heard shouting and storm the stage. Jill Biden is seen blocking and shoving one of the protesters. Sanders, a former press secretary for Bernie Sanders, races across the stage behind a startled Joe Biden and grabs one of the protesters in the midsection and yanks her off the stage. In an interview following the incident, Sanders said, “It was a split-second moment. Our security acted very quickly. And then a number of staffers including myself jumped in to have Vice President Biden, Dr. Biden and Valerie Biden Owens {Joe Bidens sister} back as they were on the stage.” Sanders tweeted the only injury she suffered during the melee was a broken fingernail. 

Lastly, Sanders, an outspoken political strategist and regular contributor to CNN, has had several heated discussions and public shouting matches with a number of current and former supporters of President Donald Trump—including former Trump adviser, Omarosa Manigault Newman; Kenneth Cuccinelli, former Attorney General of Virginia and Amanda Carpenter, communications director for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

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