A Black Preacher’s budget address analysis

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Rev. Dr. Charles F. Boyer (Facebook)

Rev. Dr. Charles F. Boyer
Founding Director, Salvation and Social Justice

Governmental budgets tend to lack robust moral vision and priority. Even in their most valiant efforts political officials without fail posture towards the rich and middle class and ignore the poor and marginalized. As a preacher I have the privilege of advocating for the prophetic ideal regardless of the political reality. That privilege is often met with prohibition. That consistent luxury is also a persistent burden. Yet sometimes there are small glimpses of the prophetic and the politically prohibitive converging. 

To Governor Murphy’s credit he discussed investments to mitigate Black maternal health and infant mortality disparities, much needed increased funding for our most vulnerable school districts, full funding of the Amistad Commission, and investments in youth programs and services to keep our children from getting entangled in the youth justice system. We are initially encouraged by the budget address. As we all know the devil is in the details and surely as the weeks progress analysts and advocates will surely raise many areas of concern and critique. But every day we take a step closer to liberation is a day better than the day before. I will never be a fan of incrementalism, but I will never spit in the face of progress either.

I am prayerful the Senate President and the Speaker will only enhance these much needed prophetic ideals and investments and not allow them to be crucified on the cross of political muck.

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