'Sister Circle Live’ Speaks Truth to Women, Hopes Men Listen, Too

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Daily Talk Show Marks Third Year with an Impressive Array of Topics
The talented four-women team and co-hosts of the popular, TV talk show “Sister Circle Live.” (Photo courtesy “Sister Circle Live”)

By D. Kevin McNeir
Executive Editor/Columnist

Each year throughout the month of March, Americans pay tribute to the achievements and sacrifices of sisters, mothers, grandmothers – even the ever-available, ageless babysitter who lives next door – with “Women’s History Month” amidst a plethora of celebratory events. 

But for the dynamic quartet of African-American “sistahs” who host the daily talk show “Sister Circle Live,” it’s clear they share a perspective where every day, given the unconditional love and selfless gifts they share with their families, friends – even strangers who happen by – reason to applaud women 365 days a year. 

The show, produced by TEGNA, Inc. and TV One, will mark its third anniversary this year in September. And while the configuration of its four female hosts has undergone a few tweaks since the show’s debut in September 2017, the focus has remained the same – serving as a gathering place on 
TV for women seeking inspiration, information, entertainment and empowerment. 

Co-hosts Quad Webb Lunceford, Syleena Johnson, Rashan Ali and Trina Braxton each bring their own quivers of hopes and dreams, traditions and beliefs, and tales which illustrate mountains they’ve scaled as well as valleys in which they learned lifelong lessons. 

Yet, after speaking with them recently during their nationwide media tour, what stands out the most remains their complimentary and unique bond that they’ve forged.

“It can be challenging to come up with the right combination of co-hosts but ours works well for us – we’re real friends even outside of “Sister Circle,” so we always have a good time when we’re together,” Quad said. 

“It’s really interesting because when the production team began holding auditions in Atlanta in 2016 (still the show’s home), the concept they had in mind was for this to be a one-woman, local show. But we all tested well, we had different backgrounds and we filled different types of roles. In the end, it was the combination of our personalities that sold them on changing the format to four co-hosts,” said Quad who then suggested we move the conversation and discuss the newest addition – a member of the talented Braxton crew. 

“I’m really happy to be here – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Trina said. “It’s really special because now I’m part of a group of women who are all entrepreneurs, brilliant and able to empower anyone. They do their job and they do it well.” 

Memorable moments that have contributed to the success and ever-increasing fan base of “Sister Circle Live” include: the October 2019 Greek Steppers segment which aired during Homecoming Week, garnering over 2.6 million views on the @SisterCircleTV Facebook page; Stacey Abrams’s inspirational words shared with viewers in January 2019 that led to her decision to run for governor of Georgia; the emotional interview with Andrea Kelly who appeared on the show in June 2018 during which she talked for the first time about her marriage to R. Kelly; and unforgettable, recent interviews with Black superstars ranging from Tyler Perry and Kevin Hart to Kirk Franklin, Regina Hall, Ice Cube and Common, with topics just as dynamic and provocative this diverse lineup of guests listed here. 

Almost in tandem, Quad, Rashan and Trina agreed that they relish the opportunity to talk to other women daily, also sharing the belief that when women gather for girl talk, they’re usually more willing than men to reveal their vulnerability while also holding one another accountable. 

“Women are different in many other ways too,” Rashan said. “We know that. Still, we want men to know that while our focus is first our sisters, we have something for them as well.”

“If a brother wants to understand a woman better, he might want to watch us. We have candid conversations and we share life experiences – some joyful, others painful. And we’re willing to ask questions and confront issues that a lot of men and women are afraid to raise,” Rashan said. 

As our conversation ended, we talked about how each woman’s relationship with their father impacted their lives, the support each said they always received from their dads and why they believe many relationships fail. 

“Far too often, our men show a lack of respect and appreciation for women. They don’t know how to inspire or empower the women in their lives. There are times when women can sense that a train wreck is about to happen and because it will impact the entire family, we feel compelled to step in – to have our say. But some men still believe that they always know best and don’t want to listen to a woman.”

“Maybe some men look at a woman like she’s disposable.” 

“We want to help women who may doubt themselves, to realize that we have tremendous power within us. But we’ve got to realize that. We have to claim our power – and we should never allow anyone, including the men we love, to make us think differently,” they said. 

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