Setback, Setup and Comeback

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Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 
By Glenn Townes

It's a clever axiom and the title of an inspirational book published several years ago--that should be a mandate for anyone who has tried to start a small business---a setback is a setup for a comeback.

As most people know, the road to entrepreneurship and independence is bumpy and often littered with numerous obstacles and hurdles. But what a lot of people don't realize is that in every setback there is a pivotal and key moment of change---a transformation process that goes from positive to negative. However, during a comeback, that same transformation goes from negative to positive. While struggling to make a long held vision into a bonafide business, a past faux pas or business blunder is indeed the start of a powerful and convincing comeback. Attribute it to momentum changes, energy shifts and what was a failing business suddenly become a thriving business.
Setback vs. Setup

A setback is defined as an unexpected defeat, hindrance or blockage of progression. Someone once wrote that a setback is only a bend or turn in the road and not necessarily the end of the road.....unless you fail to make the turn. A setup, on the other hand , is the preparation for what should be something positive and advantageous. Therefore, if your enterprise loses out on a major contract or business deal and suffers a setback, bear in mind that the setback is a setup for your ultimate comeback.'     There are perhaps thousands if not millions of example out there of enterprising business owners who experienced countless setback in both their personal and professional lives. While some of the setback may have even been setups for failure, making a comeback in any venue is not impossible---though it may feel like it at times.
Seeing is believing

Having a vision and focusing in on it with tenacity and maybe even a little vengeance against unseen forces is the ultimate starting points for changing your life and your business and sets the stage for your comeback

- Hindsight is 20/20—we have all heard that cliche a million times. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need hindsight in order to make your comeback from a setback. Indeed, learn from past mistake and misjudgments, however, don't get mired in events of the past. Frequently dealing with the past often causes a person to get stuck there. Someone, probably an entrepreneur once said, “The past is supposed to be a place of reference not a place of residence.”

- Insight---is another kind of vision we need to make our comeback. Insight is the uncanny power to clearly see a situation; examine it; learn about it and get to the hear of the matter. Utilize your experiences, logic, perspective and opinion regarding the matter at hand and listen to that inner voice that tells us what to do.

- Foresight is the final vision we must utilize in making our comeback. Perhaps the urge to use a crystal ball, the stars or tarot cards may be tempting to some in order to see what the future holds. However, the best way to predict the future is to create it---or as much as you can. As a business owner, reflect on the past, study the present and develop the future. Insight coupled with foresight and a sprinkle of hindsight create the vision and will put both the mindful individual and savviest business owner on the comeback road to growth and personal and professional success.

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