Emergency vigil condemns ICE shooting at Hudson County Jail

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Hudson County Jail (Google Maps)
NJ Community, Faith Organization; ‘We Refuse to Let ICE Terrorize Us’

Urban News Staff Reports

New Jersey community and faith organizations held an emergency vigil Sunday in support of Gaspar AvendaƱo Hernandez, stepfather of ICE shooting victim, held at New Jersey’s Hudson County Jail. 

On February 6, ICE officers brutally shot 26-year-old Eric Diaz-Cruz in the face during an action in Brooklyn where they planned to arrest his relative and fellow construction worker, Gaspar AvendaƱo Hernandez as they left for work. After following the family to the hospital, ICE seeks to deport Gaspar, detaining him in Hudson County jail, allegedly so Gaspar will be unable to testify against them. 

Protestors say they refuse to allow ICE to continue terrorizing their communities and call upon New Jersey citizens to join them in denouncing the agency and its “terrorist” tactics. 

“The use of guns by ICE against migrant workers and the detention of those who defend them is a clear message that they are creating the Gestapo of this time,” said Executive Director Teresa Vivar, Lazos America Unida. 

“Casa Freehold, as an organization that stands to support immigrant rights, condemns this violent act. For ICE to show up at the hospital which is considered a safe space just goes to show that ICE needs to be abolished,” said Eliana Contreras, Casa Freehold spokesperson. 

“First Friends of NJ and New York condemn the brutal suppression that Gaspar and his brother suffered by ICE agents. All this abuse of power, hate, and racism needs to stop. We need to uphold the inherent dignity and humanity of our community,” said Rosa Santana, First Friends of New Jersey and New York spokesperson. 

Other organizations lending their support include: North New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America, 
National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) and El Pueblo Unido of Atlantic City. 

“What we’ve seen is a clear escalation of tactics and violence by ICE. This is a retaliation against immigrant communities, sanctuary cities and allies unwilling to cower to the Trump administration. We will continue to fight until we free Gaspar and until we abolish ICE.” said Whitney Hu, Sunset Park ICE Watch, and part of the Maimonides Response Coalition.

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