Black North Brunswick police officer files discrimination lawsuit

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Image by tevenet from Pixabay 
By Bradford Mason
Managing Editor

Reports indicate that a Black police officer with the North Brunswick Police Department is filing a discrimination lawsuit for being ostracized by fellow officers and being called the "n-word" and an "angry Black man."

With over 20 years of work with the department, Michael Campbell, who holds a Ph.D., was also one of the officers who revealed to news media earlier this month that the North Brunswick Police Department engages in racial profiling by targeting Blacks and Latinos to fulfill ticket quotas. 

"The vast majority of the workforce was and remains male and Caucasian," Campbell reportedly said in the lawsuit. "The work environment had the look and feel of an ‘old boys’ network.” 

Among those named in the lawsuit are police Director Kenneth McCormick, Deputy Chief Joseph Battaglia, Lt. William Bonura and Capt. Cory Harris

With his abundance of education, Campbell said he was passed over for top positions within the department, which he qualified for. He also said that he was targeted with threatening behavior by white officers. Campbell claims he was forced to alter police reports where his fellow officers participated in unethical conduct.

In one instance, Campbell reportedly spoke out about the lack of Black police officers on the force and was told that Black officers “should be grateful that we hired you guys."

"White officers would engage in illegal searches and seek to criminalize minority victims," the lawsuit reportedly said. "operated with discriminatory animus seeking to harass minority citizens in an effort to make them move out of town."

In response to the recent media reports about the department's racial profiling, North Brunswick Mayor Francis "Mac" Womac said he's hired a third-party investigator to look into the matter. 

"We are adamant that those reprehensible activities have never been a policy or acceptable practice of this administration or under the leadership of Public Safety Director Kenneth McCormick or Deputy Chief Joseph Battaglia," Womack said in a statement.

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