Watterman appointed first Black woman to serve as Jersey City council president

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Council President Joyce Watterman (City of Jersey City photo)
Urban News Staff Reports

Joyce Watterman makes history in Jersey City becoming the first Black woman appointed Council President.

Reports indicate Watterman was appointed in a unanimous vote. She is the second female city council president, and the fourth Black person to lead the council.

Watterman take the reigns as the city is in the midst of recovering from a mass shooting that occurred in December. The anti-Semitic shooting, which occurred in Jersey City's Greenville neighborhood, killed six people, including the two assailants and a detective, and injured six others.

“To this administration: we are willing to work together, we know the challenges that are ahead. And so I would ask you: let’s have an open dialogue and put everything on the table," Watterman said. "It’s when we put everything on the table that we can come up with great solutions to move this city forward."

Watterman was first elected to City Council in 2013.  She serves as a Planning Commissioner, Chairs the Disabled Parking committee, serves as a member of the Affordable Housing Trust Funds, the Budget Committee, The Jackson Hill Main Street SID, Dissolution of Parking Authority, Chairs the Street Naming and Re-naming committee and Chaplin for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department.

She is the founder of the H.O.P.E summer program for children which presents a safe, caring and educational environment. She is also the founder of Women Working Together For Change.

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