Customer told she was 'too dark' for makeup at Ulta Beauty in Holmdel

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Ulta Beauty in Holmdel, NJ (Google Maps)
Urban News Staff Reports

Reports indicate that Black woman was told she was "too dark" for makeup at an Ulta Beauty story in Holmdel in the Jersey Shore. Social media is now criticizing the beauty brand for not catering to diverse skin types.

The situation involves Ebony Kankam London and occurred last Saturday. London who was visiting the area from Houston for a baby show, according to reports. When she went to the store to get her makeup done, she said an employee told her "skin was too dark for most colors in the store."

"In a store full of people who didn't look like me I felt sad and upset," London said in an interview. "Like my skin tone was a problem."

London proceeded to get her makeup done, however, she was displeased with the results. She said when she voiced her dissatisfaction to the makeup artist. The makeup artist responded by saying she had done makeup for 20 years with out any complaints. 

London took to social media to show the results of the makeup job posting a photo.

"I brought in a picture for reference and was told that my skin tone was too dark for most colors in the store," she said. "Like, it felt like I was in 1990 when makeup was made for one skin type. I honestly think Ulta Beauty should give their make up artist some diversity training and teach them how to glamorize all skin types."

The post, which appeared on Facebook and Instagram, was shared over 2,600 times and received nearly 300 comments.

I’m so sorry this happened to you," one person commented. "You weren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary and you deserve so much better."

London said that a biracial makeup artist offered to do her makeup over and she was also offered free samples.

In a statement, Ulta Beauty said it constantly educates employees on diversity and inclusion trainings across the organization. The company said it has been in touch with London about the situation.

"Guest satisfaction with our services is a top priority," a spokeswoman said. "We never want to hear that a guest has had anything less than a great in-store experience. This is our responsibility and we take it seriously."

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