Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman: 'Why I voted to impeach Donald Trump'

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Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (United States Congress photo)
Many of my colleagues have said this but it bears repeating — there’s no joy or partisan machination involved in impeachment of a sitting president. It’s an action that should be reserved for moments when such a president has violated the public trust, abused the office, or otherwise threatened our democracy. Those are the actions laid out in these articles, and that is why I voted today to impeach Donald Trump.

Every argument made against these articles has involved finger pointing, obfuscation, or claims that this isn’t a big deal. Any time the office of the President is used for personal gain, anytime the executive branch upends the balance of power in our government by preventing Congress from doing its job, it is a very big deal. These articles are about securing and safeguarding our democracy, not removing a personality or party from office — no matter how unfit he may be.

Republicans keep claiming that it’s up to the American people to decide the President, and they’re right. But it’s up to Congress to ensure that the person in the oval office defends the constitution. That’s what this vote does.

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