'Shop Black Week' boosts support for Black-owned businesses

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Image by rawpixel from Pixabay 
Urban News Staff Reports

Shop Black Week will take place Nov. 22 to 29 to urge consumers to shop a Black-owned businesses as the holiday shopping season gets underway.

The nationwide campaign has amassed well over a half million participants based on counts of subscribers and followers, according to organizers on social media.

"What we believe is that if every American made a purchase, no matter how small or big, most Black-owned businesses wouldn't be able to handle the increase, providing evidence that by supporting Black-owned businesses on a regular basis, we could permanently and systematically change the economic condition of the Black community forever," said Carla Tillman, PhD, Shop Black Week's Media Strategist.

Maggie Anderson, author of OUR BLACK YEAR and Founder of the Empowerment Experiment Foundation believes that Shop Black Week will be the biggest economic movement of all time as there is already participation in all 50 states.

Organizers want to document this historical movement, so they ask everyone to participate because everyone has a role to play. As a show of solidarity, shoppers can register as an organization, a business or an official supporter at their website, shopblackweek.org.

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